The Catholic Ten Commandments

The complete list of the Catholic Ten Commandments.

Why do Catholics Confess to a Priest?

The Sacrament of Reconciliation Explained !!!



The Contraception Deception

Is Contraception really wrong? What does the Catholic Church teach about it?

Ten Commandments

Catholic Commandments

The Commandments given by Moses explained by the Church.


How it effects the Brain

How Pornography effects the Brain and Steps to Overcome.

Catholic Answers

Apologetics & Evangelization

Providing answers to Questions regarding the Catholic faith.

Catholic Commandments Articles

Conscience and the Right to Refuse Service

By Trent Horn Last week Governor Jan Brewer vetoed Arizona Senate Bill 1062 after a national backlash that described the legislation as being “anti-gay.” The bill would have allowed Arizona businesses to refuse, on religious grounds, to offer their services Continue Reading...
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